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Dedicated to the Plastic- Free Movement

Our goal is to do our part to help take care of the environment. Single-use plastic has a devastating affect on our planet, and we want to take steps to help reduce that. 

Committed to Quality

We believe quality should never be a compromise. Our products are 100% Non-toxic, BPA Free and contain no plastic. We want you to feel confident that your purchase is of the highest caliber.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

While shopping with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Key Features


🌎 Every time you use our reusable silicone bags to pack your lunch & store food, you walk away knowing there is one less plastic bag polluting the earth today. We included a FREE silicone sponge to help you wash & preserve the life of your reusable bags.

Keep Your Fridge Organized

🌎  Are you tired of a messy and cluttered refrigerator or kitchen? Our silicone food storage bags are the solution to keep things neat and tidy. Now you can enjoy a comfy and organized kitchen today!


🌎 Our Reusable snack food bags are leak-proof, waterproof, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe making them very versatile in a variety of settings. Go from the freezer to the stove, pack them in your suitcase or take your bags on a hike. Whatever your needs are, our silicone Ziploc bags will do the job!

Dishwasher Safe

🌎Our reusable freezer Bags are made from the highest quality food-grade silicone making them resistant to temperatures of up to 482° (250C) & easily dishwasher safe. Take off the plastic rod, place them upside down & sit back and relax!

Easy To Open

🌎 Unlike other silicone sandwich bags, ours isn't a challenge to use. Just slide the rod AWAY from the loop to open the bag. To close, slide the rod the same direction the arrow is facing. Our leak-proof seal ensures food is kept fresh!

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